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About me


My works are created from the seam line between order and mess, planning and spontaneity. I strive to have them reflect processes of cultural and material research, which always surround a central theme. My work process starts with tracing the origins of different phenomena in culture, their history and their personal meaning to me. Through my work, I seek to express the full range of human interpretations of objects, landscapes, processes and places.


The inspiration for my work comes from two sources, external and internal. I gather sights and sounds through the urban landscape, observing the plethora of demolition and construction processes taking place, and listening to the noisy city sounds that somehow give me peace. Handling space affects every aspect of my life, whether aimlessly walking around the city, or within the world of dance and choreography to the arrangement of rooms and my ability to move within them. In all these cases, organization and planning meet chaos, turmoil and dirt - and from these encounters fascinating images are born. Alongside the external phenomenon, I often dream about my works before they are actually created: they appear before me as finished images, but the actual process of creation always leads to a different, separate and surprising result.


My way of working is also made up of two inverse processes: I always work on several works at once, in a systematic and orderly way, but each piece in itself develops spontaneously and intuitively.  Transitioning from work to work in this way allows me to dive deep, while maintaining distant and calculated observations. The materials I work with also represent a dimension of dirt and mess, since I tend to work with recycled materials collected from the outside such as used books, newspapers, fabrics and pieces of wood. On top of these materials, I work with a variety of techniques, from smearing paint layers, pasting and folding papers to squeezing tea onto the paper. And, from the planned process of trial and error, the work layers are built one by one, until the final product contains both the chaotic action and the internal logic that guides it.

Biographical Notes

Born 1953, in Tel Aviv, Israel
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 Hamekarer ,Center Art,TelAviv
2017 Dubnov ,Center Art of Tel Aviv Musuem
2016 Dubnov,Center Art of Tel Aviv Musuem 

One – artist Exhibitions
2016 Primitive Gallery,Tel Aviv,Il
2014 Art Center,Yavne
2010 Art Center, Yavne,IL
2009 Artists’house Tel Aviv, IL
2009 Primitive Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
2008 Jewish Federation, Santa Barbara
2007 Artist’House,Tel Aviv, IL
2006 Art-Center, Rehovot, IL
2005 Art-Center, Yavne, IL
2004 “Eyekiss” Gallery, Tel-Aviv, IL

Group – Exhibitions
2014 Shoplifters, Tel Aviv
2010 Amiad Center, Jaffa, IL
2010 “Ein Hod” Gallery, Ein Hod, IL
2009 Agora Gallery, Soho, NY, USA
2008 Museum of America, Miami, USA
2008 Motti Hasson Gallery, Chelsea NY, USA
2008 “Wandering Library 2”, Galerie Cargo 21, Paris
2007 International exhibition “Together”, Art Center, Rehovot
2007 ACT Kulture and Sozialverein, Viena, Austria
2006 “Protest” Gallery, Chelsea, N.Y, USA
2006 Art-Center, Rehovot, IL
2006 “Palmahim” museum, Palmahim, IL
2006 “Dondikov-house”, Rehovot, IL
2005 Art-Center, Rehovot, IL
2005 Art-Center, Rehovot, IL
2004 Art-Center, Yavne, IL
2004 Art-Center, Yavne, IL
2004 “Eyekiss” Gallery, Tel-Aviv, IL

2005 – 2008 Art Students Legue, N.Y, USA
2004 – 2006 Educated by artist Tessy-Cohen Pepper, Tel-Aviv, IL
2003 – 2004 “Tel Aviv” museum, Tel-Aviv, IL
2000 – 2003 “Smilanskin” Center, Rehovot, IL

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